Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Birth of a new narrative

So, on Tuesday January 18th, I had my first day at D'Youville College. I'm taking a one year Teacher Education programme at the college in Buffalo, New York. I attend on Monday and Tuesday, all day, and spend the rest of the week at home in the E-Dot.

D'Youville College is named after Marguerite d'Youville — founder of the Grey Nuns — who in turn founded the college in 1908 to provide quality education to the daughters of immigrant workers. The Grey Nuns were called in from Montreal by the Archdiocese of Buffalo to do the job because it seems that no other organizations were willing to travel to such a deep and dark part of Western New York. The school focussed on educating young women in fields that were appropriate for the fairer sex, so nursing and teaching were it. To this day, DYC (as they call it) specializes in these two fields.

I will probably comment in more detail as time goes on about how it is I ended up in Buffalo and what a poor opinion I have of the selection process for preservice teacher education in Ontario, but suffice it to say, I am where I am and I couldn't be happier. The classes have, for the most part, been very stimulating, my classmates are from all over the map (both geographically and academically), and I am stoked about this whole experience.

I see this site eventually becoming my portfolio site when it comes time to apply for a teaching position, and when I am finally hired, I will use it as a resource area for students to get information for the classes I will be teaching. I'm excited to be back to a regular posting schedule — I have a lot of things to catch up on, a lot has happened in the last year and a half and I will probably be covering some of those things here as well.